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"I'm not much of a talker, but I've got an awful lot to say," Matt Jordan says laughing when asked to describe his music. "Since I started, writing songs has been the way that I've told the parts of my story that I don't otherwise talk about." 

"I hear the skyline lights are awful pretty // But I can't find the good  in nothing since I let you go," Jordan sings on his 2016 single, 'Chicago.' It's no wonder the Missouri native has garnered the attention of American Songwriter, The Boot and The Shotgun Seat. Influenced by the American classics, his music is reminiscent of the music he grew up on, with a hint of Springsteen's restlessness and Petty's recklessness.  

After taking a few years away from the stage and the studio to start a family, Jordan is ready to dive back in. "Having kids changes everything," he says. "and having some time off, I was able to go back to the drawing board. We got a new band, recorded some new tunes, polished up some old ones and are writing like never before."

Following the release of the driving single, 'Never Look Back,' Jordan announced the upcoming release of the introspective, thought-provoking 'Outskirts of Grace.' "Outskirts is a very personal song. A song about trying to navigate the real world - faith, family, dreams. It's a lot of thoughts wrapped into three minutes and 30 seconds and it means something new to me every time I sing it."

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